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MyEclipse UML2 Development Overview

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1. Introduction

This document presents an overview of UML2 features available in MyEclipse.

To get a better feel for MyEclipse, please check our product Documentation for more material.


2. UML2 Graphical Diagram Editor

Our UML 2 editor allows you to create and edit nine different types of UML 2 diagrams.

Class Diagram

Component Diagram

Deployment Diagram

Composite Structure Diagram

Use Case Diagram

Activity Diagram

Sequence Diagram

State Machine Diagram

Profile Diagram

Outline View

Use the outline view to easily navigate the diagram, graphically or structurally.

Selecting an existing element allows you to further modify it in a tabbed property view. A few properties are shown below.
Parameter Properties

Advanced Properties

The UML 2 editor toolbar contains all the features you need to create visually appealing diagrams.

To automatically layout class and use case diagrams, select the Auto Layout action from the UML menu. Auto layout capabilities will be added to other diagrams types in forthcoming releases.

Further control is possible through an element's context menu and the Graphics tab in the Properties view.

Graphics Property Tab

Use the UML 2 preferences to specify the default styling for UML 2 entities.

3. Creating UML2 Models and Diagrams

Use the UML2 toolbar button to create a new UML2 model and diagram file.

Alternatively, you can use File > New > Other > MyEclipse > UML > UML2 Model.

To reverse engineer an existing Java project into a UML2 model and class diagram, choose MyEclipse > UML Class Diagram from Java from the proejct's context menu.

You can also import a Rational EMX file using the File > Import > UML2 > Rational EMX File wizard.

XMI files can be imported to give you a UML2 model file. File > Import > UML2 > XMI 2.0 or 2.1 wizard.

4. Generating Code & Other Resources

Generating Java

Use the UML > Generate Java action to generate Java into your current project.

Generation actions are also available from the context menu of a UML model file.

You may be presented with a dialog asking you for details on how specific changes should be merged with your existing code base.

Generating XML Schema (XSD) files

Use the UML > Generate XML Schema action to generate an XSD file corresponding to the selected UML2 model.

Exporting XMI files

Use the UML > Export XMI action to create an XMI file from a given UML2 model

5. Feedback

We would like to hear from you! If you liked this overview, have some suggestions or even some corrections for us please let us know. We track all user feedback about our learning material in our Documentation Forum.  Please be sure to let us know which piece of MyEclipse material you are commenting on so we can quickly pinpoint any issues that arise.